What we do

In the import export business we work as agent or broker, we acts as a link between buyer and seller in the international market enabling both parties to execute internal transactions bringing the two ends of the chain together facilitatesing the transaction.


As Import Export Agents we acts on behalf of our client. We negotiate terms for the purchase and sale of products finding the best partners on international markets. As agent we might represent the interests of a supplier or even a reseller in a foreign market.


As Import Export Merchandise Brokers we facilitate business transactions; we set terms and conditions such as price, quantity, delivery time, return policy, etc. finding import export opportunities for our clients on international markets. In both cases there will be a fair commission fee for the services we provide to our clients.

As International trade we exchange goods between the countries; in other words, we export and import goods. Often we combine the export and import trade, this means importing goods from one country and exporting it to another country (re-export).


We find the best deals on the international markets in order to  suggest it to our clients. We work in many different sectors such as Tobacco, Tobacco accessories, foods and beverage etc.

As International consultant we assist companies in finding answers to questions regarding the future activities in foreign markets working in specific projects within a wide range of areas.


We work on the communication and we evaluate information and make feasible projections for the outcome of specific courses of action, and exhibit enough creativity and vision to see all the potential strategies that would ultimately benefit the client.